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Introduction to “Round Table Discussions”

Round Table 2 discussions


You are listening to the Americas Community Voices Network’s “Podcasting in America,” the “Round T able Discussions,” a monthly review and analysis of the Trump presidency.

Today’s podcast is hosted by Executive Director- CEO Ronald Brookins, COO Donald Brookins and IT Director Emma Palova.

Our subject today is:

“Fact Checking the Trump Presidency”, the first 50 days.

During that time period, the 45th President of the United States has employed as his principal tool for communicating official staff appointments, policy and response to formal inquiries, the social media platform Twitter.

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

Before we continue, my name is Donald and joining me today is our IT Director Emma Palova and CEO Ronald Brookins.


A. Emma, can you please tell our audience about your background in journalism, blogging and IT as a professional?


Hello. I am a multi-media journalist. I’ve worked as a print media journalist for more than two decades for regional and international publications. In 2013, I launched my digital career with the EW Emma’s Writings journal blog on the WordPress platform that has grown both in subject matter and following.

I diversified my portfolio in 2015 by establishing the Emma Blogs, LLC Internet company that creates blogs and websites. My clients range from historical, political organizations to cultural platforms.

My work includes social media marketing, public relations and direct marketing via company E-newsletters.

At ACVN we work together on our vision to provide a multi-faceted platform for organizations and individuals to voice their opinions in a technology driven world.

B. Ronald, please discuss your background as a community organizer, producer of public affairs programming on local television and radio, and as co-founder of ACVN (Americas Community Voices Network).

C. Donald please discuss your background as co-host with your brother Ronald and co-producer of public affairs programming on local television and radio.

II. Ronald and Donald, please talk about why you created the ACVN (Americas Community Voices Network).

What are the goals and principles of the ACVN?

Let’s talk about the critical need to provide local communities with a platform that will give access and analysis of information about governmental policies at the local, state and national levels that affect their lives and the prosperity of their families.

More importantly at ACVN,  voices of citizens and organizations can be heard and shared in a manner that results in informed decision making that protects their best interests.

III. What are your thoughts about Mr. Trump being elected the 45th President of the USA?

What do you think about Mr. President Trump’s use of Twitter as his principal method of communication of policy, legislative initiatives, staff appointments and the official tool of communication of the White House?

Social media icon Twitter

Social media icon Twitter

Questions to be analyzed:

1- Is the President contradicting the U.S. Constitution as it relates to performing the duties of the Chief Executive in a manner that allows public scrutiny and evaluation?

2-Are President Trump’s baseless accusations against the federal judiciary, national intelligence and agencies, and press valid?

But, more importantly do you consider them a violation of the constitution?

3-Is Free Speech being threatened by this President?

4-Why has President Trump chosen to avoid the formal methods of communication by the modern presidency that provides for check and balances in accordance with the U.S. Constitution for Twitter that allows him to act without accountability?

IV. The ACVN has determined a vital public need for these “Round Table Discussions” to insure that the citizens of this country are receiving valid information as well as to give the citizens, groups and organizations the opportunity to oppose any actions by the federal government that prevents them from making informed decisions.

Thank you,

Ronald T. Brookins

Executive Director- CEO Americas Community Voices Network

Donald Brookins

COO Americas Community Voices Network

Emma Palova

IT Director, designer Emma Blogs, LLC

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About the author, Ronald

ACVN founders are Ronald and Donald Brookins of Tampa, FL.

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  1. Ronald Brookins on 03/13/2017 at 7:50 PM

    Dear friends,

    What do you think about President Trump using the social media platform Twitter as the official means of communication for all White House business?

    More importantly, do you feel President Trump is violating the U.S. Constitution?

    Thank you,

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