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Americas Community Voices Network

Welcome to Americas Community Voices Network (ACVN)

Welcome to the new program of Americas Community Voices Network, “Podcasting in America.”

Your hosts are Ronald Brookins with co-host Donald Brookins from Tampa, FL.

The “Podcasting in America” reflects the diversity of different communities.  You can become one of our speakers. Let your voice be heard.

ACVN offers a wide array of services including its signature podcast show “Podcasting in America” and  blog “Blogging in America.”

We will discuss various public policy issues such as health equity, mental health, voting stress, voting logistics and much more.

We will run the “Podcasting in America” show on weekly basis on Wednesdays. It will be recorded and embedded on our website.

Check out our introductory episode at

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At ACVN we listen to your voice.


Don’t forget to vote Nov. 8